Alberta needs more Masters

More Masters Campaign


This campaign is funded and directed by a lawyer in Alberta who is concerned about access to civil justice in the province. 

The challenges faced by both courts and governments to ensure reasonable access to justice in Alberta are multifaceted and immense. However, appointing more Masters and hiring more judicial support staff can be a simple solution that could have a significant impact in overcoming some of the delays in the civil justice system. 

Masters are the front-line decisions makers in Alberta's civil justice system. They make critical procedural and substantive decisions in civil actions. The Alberta government appoints Masters.

Alberta also has the highest number of judicial vacancies in the country, which contributes further to delays in the civil justice system. The federal government is responsible for appointing Justices. The federal government must take immediate action to fill these vacancies. 

However, the shortage of Masters is often overlooked, despite the vital role they play in our legal system. This campaign is designed to address this advocacy gap, so that access to justice in Alberta can be improved.  

Participants of this campaign will not be contacted further and their information will not be shared with anyone else.

For more information, please contact Avnish Nanda at avnish - nandalaw - ca.